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Shishásana Yoga Position

Sweat Health 🌿

Yoga is prophylactic: strengthening your immune system and improving your physical well-being.

This is an essential activity to prevent a sedentary lifestyle.

In Yoga we work the whole body: Flexibility, Balance, Stretching, Cultivating the health of the spine, Correct body position.


It is also an ally to recover from motherhood! 🤱

Invest in yourself, Practice Yoga! 🧘 ♀️

Yoga develops the Human Being in all its positive facets (physical, energetic, emotional, and in the various mental planes) in a harmonious way.

It eliminates stress, strengthens the immune system and teaches you to relax and concentrate.

Yoga keeps the Human Being in its natural state: healthy and happy. ☺️

Posição do Yoga Katikásana Ekapáda

Some of the Benefits ✨

Higher concentration

Sleep better

Gain security

Become friendlier to others and the planet

Fights stress and anxiety

More serenity and happiness

Breathe better

Learn to relax

Delays aging

Quality time with the family


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  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

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