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Yoga Kids

Some of the Benefits ✨

Sleep better

Hhigher concentration

Stimulates creativity

Greater learning ability

Prepares for the hormonal shock of adolescence in a creative and non-traumatic way

Know how to relax

Breathe better

More serene and happy

Physical, energetic, emotional and mental health

Respect for oneself, for others and for the cosmic and planetary human surroundings

Proven experience 🔍

In addition to the weekly Yoga classes for children, Áshrama do Porto also offers Yoga Sámkhya classes for children as part of the program Children's Port.

This program is developed by the Porto City Council (Education department) in partnership with Áshrama do Porto, which has thus made Yoga classes possible during school hours.

At  last year, we reached about 3000 children, covering almost all classes of the 1st and 2nd year of basic education in the municipality. Many children have practiced regularly since their 1st year.

Classes take place in curricular support (only in Porto), with the main teacher of the class and the whole class present, being taught by Yoga Teachers trained in Yoga for Children.


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